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  4. [参加者募集]8/3(土) 第47回火の国まつり おてもやん総おどり / “Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2024” on Aug. 3!!


[参加者募集]8/3(土) 第47回火の国まつり おてもやん総おどり / “Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2024” on Aug. 3!!




It’s announced that the 47th Hi-no-Kuni Festival will be held in August 2024. The Consortium Kumamoto participates in the “Otemoyan So-Odori parade” held at the Hi-no-Kuni Festival every year since 2011.

The Hi-no-Kuni Festival is a summer tradition in Kumamoto. Even if you’re watching it, you can’t help but move your body to the spectacular performances parading around the center of Kumamoto city along with the Kumamoto folk song “Otemoyan” and nimble rhythmed “samba Otemoyan”.
Join us, and enjoy the summer tradition in Kumamoto.

It is scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd. We’ll meet you at the Civic Auditorium Sears Home Yume Hall.

We will contact you by e-mail after applying for more information. Please register our domain “@consortium-kumamoto.jp”, to avoid being spam.  Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

日  時: 8月3日(土)18:00 集合(予定)←詳細は申込後にメールで案内します。

Date & Time: August 3 (Sat) 18:00~ 


Meeting Place: Civic Auditorium Sears Home Yume Hall


申し込み方法/How to apply  
申し込み締切 7月26日(金)


Please register with Google Forms
Deadline is July 26th (Friday)



If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, we may not be able to accept all registrations. In such cases, we will accept registrations on a first-come-first-served basis. 
(The capacity is 70 members.)











Participants in this event will be covered by event insurance based on the information of your registration. Please fill out the required information. Your Personal information will be used only for this event.

Please prepare your own drinks and a small bag to carry them. In addition, please bring a waterproof bag to protect your phone in case of sudden rain.

Transportation costs will be at your own expense. If you are coming by bicycle, please park at a bicycle parking lot nearby.

Photos taken at the event may be used for reporting or public relations.

*The festival may be canceled depending on the weather.


Please refrain from attending the festival if you have a fever, cold (coughing, sneezing, sore throat), feeling faint, difficulty breathing, or if you have health concerns, and contact in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation.


参加者募集チラシ 2024日本語版(PDFチラシ: 546KB)

Flyer_English_ver.(PDFチラシ: 806KB)





To all participants in the practice (Information on the practice venue)


練習会場案内(日本語&English)(PDF 331KB)



If you want to know more about the festival, please visit the official page.
(Japanese only, but you can see the dance leeson movie. )

火の国まつり 公式ホームページ/Hinokuni Festival 2024 official Website