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  3. [Application closed / 受付終了]12月12日(日)留学生対象 スタディツアー in 水俣 Sunday, December 12th, Study tour in Minamata for international students



[Application closed / 受付終了]12月12日(日)留学生対象 スタディツアー in 水俣 Sunday, December 12th, Study tour in Minamata for international students

(12月2日 10時25分更新)

The number of applicants has been full. The application is now closed. Thank you very much for your application.
(Updated at 10:25 on Dec. 2nd)



熊本も美しい紅葉の時期を迎えています。みなさま、いかがお過ごしでしょうか。熊本にいる留学生を対象に、スタディツアー in 水俣 を企画しました。水俣病や熊本県の環境について学びます。



We can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves in Kumamoto. How are you doing?

Let’s go to Minamata to study about Minamata disease and environmental issue with other international students in Kumamoto!!

It is scheduled on Sunday, December 12th. We’ll meet you at 8:15 in front of the Civic Auditorium Sears Home Yume Hall.

We will contact you by e-mail after applying for more information. Please register our domain “@consortium-kumamoto.jp”, because it may be in spam.  Thank you in advance!

日  時: 12月12日(日)8:15集合(予定)←詳細は申込後にメールで案内します。

集合場所: 市民会館シアーズホーム夢ホール前(熊本市中央区桜町1-3)




ツアーチラシ(PDFチラシ: 390KB)














Participants in this event will be covered by insurance with application in advance. Therefore, please fill in the necessary information.
The personal information you provide will be used for this event only.

During the tour, we will take measures against corona infections. Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands.
Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited except for hydration with PET bottled beverages, according to the regulations of the bus company. 

Transportation to the venue is at your own expense. If you are coming by bicycle, please park at a bicycle parking lot nearby.

Photos taken at the event may be used for reporting or public relations.


If you feel sick (fever, cough, or other cold symptoms) on the day, please refrain from participating. In that case, please be sure to contact us.

This time, in order to prevent corona infection, we prepared limited number of applications. Please do not cancel without contact as it will deprive other international students of opportunity to participate. If you are unable to participate, please contact us immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.