Introduction of the member institutions of higher education

We introduce the 14 member campuses in the Consortium Universities in Kumamoto 

Member CampusesMember Campuses

Kiyoshi Shiga

888 Tomio, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto 865-0062 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)968-75-1800
FAX: +81-(0)968-75-1850

Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare

The more you learn, the bigger the possibilities in your future

Junko Hirowatari

3-12-16 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8520 JAPAN

Humanities Department

Embracing small class sizes, we believe in the power of an education rooted in love


Ryoichi Koda

2-5-1 Oe, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 862-8680 JAPAN

Departments/Faculties: Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Economics Faculty of Foreign Studies Faculty of Social Welfare

Everything you need to connect to your future.

Yuzo Obara

4455-1 Haramizu, Kikuyo-machi Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto 869-1102 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-232-9700
FAX: +81-(0)96-232-9292

Departments; Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering Department of Electronic Information Technology Department of Information Systems Technology

We are a two-year junior college of engineering for high school graduates, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Through small-group education in departments limited to 25 students per department we foster graduates with real, practical skills needed in the sophisticated, high value-added industry of Kumamoto.

Hideaki Hando

3-1-100 Tsukide, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto 862-8502 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-383-2929
FAX: +81-(0)96-384- 6765

Faculty of Letters Faculty of Environmental & Symbiotic Sciences Faculty of Administration

The Prefectural University of Kumamoto aspires to be a college that “lives in the Community, and grows into the World” in the following ways: 1. Being a college that cultivates human resources with goal of a 21st century community; 2. Contributing to the development of the communities as a center of intellectual creation; 3. Aiming to be a college that is also base of learning and exchange for local residents.

National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College

Kumamoto Campus

Yatsushiro Campus

Keijiro Araki

【Kumamoto Campus】
2659-2 Suya Kōshi-shi, Kumamoto 861-1102 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-242-2121
FAX: +81-(0)96-242-5503
【Yatsushiro Campus】
2627 Hirayama Shinmachi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto 866-8501 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)965-53-1211
FAX: +81-(0)965-53-1219

Department of Information, Communication and Electronic Engineering
Department of Human-Oriented Information Systems Engineering
Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Department of Biological and Chemical Systems Engineering


Kumamoto Campus


Yatsushiro Campus

Innovating Technology, Creating the Future…
Soar ahead to your dreams at Kumamoto National College of Technology!

Kumamoto Campus

Yatsushiro Campus

学長:原田 信志

Shinji Harada

2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8555 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-344-2111
FAX: +81-(0)96-342-3239

Faculty of Letters
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
School of Medicine
School of Pharmacy
Faculty of Engineering

The modern world is constantly changing, and needs YOU. With an education at Kumamoto University, you will be ready.

Motohiro TAKEYA

Motohiro TAKEYA

325 Izumi-machi, Kita-ku, Kumamoto 861-5598 JAPAN

TEL: +81-(0)96-275-2111

FAX: +81-(0)96-245-3126

Faculty of Health and Science

When the future of medicine overlaps with people’s dreams, new possibilities arise.
Kumamoto Health Science University: a university that will grow with you.


Yuriko Yamagaya


Yuriko Yamagaya

【Musashigaoka Campus】
2-8-1 Musashigaokakita, Kikuyo-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto 861-8538 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-338-8840
FAX: +81-(0)96-338-9301

【Kuhonji Campus】
2-6-78 Kuhonji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 862-8678 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-362-2011
FAX: +81-(0)96-363-2975

Faculty of Contemporary Culture
Faculty of Culture Language
Department of Childhood Education in Junior College

Musashigaoka Campus

Musashigaoka Campus

Kuhonji Campus

Kuhonji Campus

Shokei University: aiming to encourage a sense of self-reliance in women

Musashigaoka Campus

Kuhonji Campus

Mineo Nakayama

4-22-1 Ikeda, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto 860-0082 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-326-3111
FAX: +81-(0)96-326-3000

Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
Faculty of Biotechnology and Life Science
Faculty of Art
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

Our university consists of 5 faculties and 10 majors.
We prepare students to be active in an increasingly international society.

Tomohiro Araki

【Kumamoto Campus】
9-1-1 Toroku, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto 862-8652 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-382-1141
FAX: +81-(0)96-381-7956


School of Business Administration
School of Industrial Engineering/ School of Agriculture


Kumamoto Campus

We offer the advantage of 7 campuses located around the country, 19 faculty and 75 majors, and imparts students with not only knowledge and skills, but also the ability to think independently, work collectively and tackle new challenges and achieve success.

Kumamoto Campus

Seiya Nakagawa

4438 Hirayama Shinmachi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto 866-8502 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)965-34-7651
FAX: +81-(0)965-34-7654

Department of Early Childhood Care
Department of Management and Welfare

Building character through good mentoring relationships. Acquire knowledge, gain new experiences, and make friends. The philosophy of Nakakyushu Junior College is “Good mentoring relationships”. Our professors will work with you to help you develop into a new you. Start creating you of tomorrow.

Keizo Ideta

1658 Takigawa Mifune-machi Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto 861-3295 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)96-282-0506
FAX: +81-(0)96-282-7800

Faculty of Music

A school of Music with courses of Early Childhood Education

Tsutomu Okabe

Mikio Furushima

2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8555 JAPAN(Kumamoto University Library South building 2nd floor)

TEL: +81-(0)96-341-0860
FAX: +81-(0)96-341-0870

Faculty of Liberal Arts

The Open University of Japan provides educational services which are tailored to your needs such as to obtain an undergraduate degree, life-long
learning, qualifications and to advance your carrier.

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Department of Electronic Information Technology
Department of Information Systems Technology