【Application closed】Looking for Participants! Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2018

Now applications closed. Thank you!!
※Click for the flyer. English  / Japanese (PDF)
※Otemoyan Dance Lesson Location (PDF)
※Map of meet-up area on Aug 4th (PDF)
The Consortium of Universities in Kumamoto is entered in the Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2018.
If you are interested in the summer festivai in Kumamoto, please join our dancing team.
You will surely [...]

[Kumamoto UNESCO Association]Looking for “Noh” Workshop Participants on Jan.28th!!

Try and enjoy the “Noh” performance at the workshop

Noh is a traditional Japanese theater art, the oldest major theater art still being performed today. In 2008 it was designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Starting in 2001, the Kumamoto UNESCO group has held a Noh workshop to help deepen understanding of traditional [...]

Looking for Participants! OMOTENASHI -with the spirit of WA-

Looking for Participants to experience the Japanese culture.This program is hosted by Japanese students who is enrolled at Universities in Kumamoto.
Flyer(Japanese and English)

Final Application Deadline: September 22th(Fri)
【First Day】  Sunday, October 1st 9am-6pm.  Meeting up at Kuhonji campus in Shokei University
     Contents:Traditional Japanese cultural experience    (Making Japanese sweets and Dago jiru, Workshop of Mizuhiki craft)
     We’ll make [...]

[Kumamoto UNESCO Association]2/12(Sun) Try and enjoy the Noh performance at the workshop!!

This is the information about the Noh(traditional masked dance-drama) workshop for the international students.

application form(Word)
application form(PDF)
Register by FAX or Email to:
Kumamoto UNESCO Association Secretariat
Tel: 096-333-2704, Fax: 096-384-7220
E-mail: aohama-i-ks@prewf.kumamoto.lg.jp


Looking for participants of Exchange Meeting & Ohanami on March 28th

【Notice】The facilitators reached the fixed number.Thank you!!
 A few more International students as participants are still acceptable.If you want to join this, please hurry to register!!(Info in March 10th)
✿Exchange Meeting & Cherry Blossom Viewing (Ohanami) for International and Japanese Students✿
will be held on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017.
50 International students as participants and 12 Japanese students as facilitators from the members of [...]

【The Consortium of Universities in Kumamoto】Holiday Closing Notice

Please be informed that the Consortium Office will close from December 27th (Tue) to January 3rd (Tue) and One-stop Consultation Office in Kumamoto City International Center will close from December 29th (Thu) to January 3rd (Tue) due to the New Year’s holiday.

For those who inquire by e-mail or telephone during the period, we will give [...]

[Kumamoto City Interantional Center]1/21(Sat) Kimono and Tea Ceremony, Japan Cultural Experience Day!

This is the information about cultural experience of Kimono and Tea Ceremony for international students!

Time :January 21st (Sat), 2017 10:00~15:00(Try on Kimono)、10:00~16:00(Tea Ceremony)
Place :Kumamoto City International Center
Fee :Free
Participants must sigh-up for the Kimono dress-up in advance.
Tea is also limited, but sign-up on the day is OK.
Please contact Kumamoto International Foundation (KIF)


”One-day Cultural Trip to Hitoyoshi” on Saturday, November 19th

One-day Cultural Trip to Hitoyoshi will be held on Saturday, November 19th, 2016!
      Applications Closed! Thank you for your interest in our event!
                     Only for  over 20 year old International Students
Free of Charge!   (lunch fee is required)
Number of participants: 30
Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
How to apply: [...]

[Kumamoto City Interantional Center]7/16(Sat) Earthquake disaster response seminar for non-Japanese

【Earthquake disaster response seminar for non-Japanese】
Earthquake know-how:
Two magnitude-7 earthquakes hit the Kumamoto region and caused a prolonged series of aftershocks. The sudden tremors brought with them an immeasurable sense of fear and rendered people dazed and confused immediately following the occurrence. People also felt such a high degree of trauma as to not be able to [...]

Looking for Participants! Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2016

Meet up for Otemoyan Dance

The Consortium of Universities in Kumamoto is entered in the Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2016.
Consortium Kumamoto Team is now looking for participants.
If you are interested in the summer festivai in Kumamoto, please join our dancing team.
You will surely enjoy dancing “Otemoyan” and “Samba Otemoyan” with us in Red Happi!!
*Happi is the one of Japanese [...]