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Otemoyan Dance Lesson Location (PDF)

Map of Meet-up area on Aug 3rd  (PDF)



The Consortium of Universities in Kumamoto is entered in the Otemoyan Dance in Hinokuni Matsuri 2019.


If you are interested in the summer festival in Kumamoto, please join our dancing team.

You will surely enjoy dancing “Otemoyan” and “Samba Otemoyan” with us in Red Happi!!

*Happi is one of Japanese traditional clothes. Please try it this time!!


Date & Time : Saturday, August 3rd 19:10~ 20:40 *Meet up at 18:00

Place: Main streets of Downtown Kumamoto


Application Deadline: Friday, July 19th 



Otemoyan Dance Lessons for our team will be held on July 23rd (Tue), and 26th (Fri). Time will be 18:30 ~20:00.

at the 100th Anniversary Hall of Engineering Faculty on Kurokami South campus of Kumamoto University.

☆Please join at least one lesson.


★In case you are not able to come to the lesson, here is an Otemoyan Dance lesson movie.

Please watch and dance at home!




For International Students———————————–

How to apply:

1. Please create your account on International Student Community.

       English / Japanese

2. Request group membership of Otemoyan Dance 2019

*After your registration, we would send you further information.


For your first registration for International Student Community.

*When you register this community at first, your account need to be approved. Please wait for 1~2 days

  after the first registration!! Thank you!