2019 Food Sample Art Experience/食品サンプル作り(留学生対象ワークショップ)





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Looking for participants for Food Sample Art Experience! (Limited to 30 participants. First-come basis)  This is for International Students from the members of the Consortium of Universities in Kumamoto
The instructor will show you how to make plastic food samples in Japanese and in English.



日 時:6月1日(土) 14:00~15:30
Date: Saturday, June 1st 14:00-15:30


場 所:熊本大学 黒髪北地区 グローバル教育カレッジ ラウンジ



Place: Kumamoto University

Lounge in the College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies Building

The building is “E6″ on the MAP (Link to KU website)



申し込み期限 5月27日(月)
Application Deadline Monday, May 27th






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