[Kumamoto UNESCO Association]Looking for “Noh” Workshop Participants on Feb 11th, 2019


Try and enjoy the “Noh” performance at the workshop




Noh is a traditional Japanese theater art, the oldest major theater art still being performed today. In 2008 it was designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Starting in 2001, the Kumamoto UNESCO group has held a Noh workshop to help deepen understanding of traditional Japanese culture and foster an appreciation of Noh through letting participants experience Noh firsthand.



Click here for The Flyer (Revised) and for Noh Application Form (Revised)





Entrance Fee: Free of charge

※We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.


The requirements are the following information:

①Name, ②Phone number, ③Nationality ④Your university/college,


★Application, inquiry: Kumamoto UNESCO Association Secretariat

Contact: 青浜(Ms.Aohama)

TEL:096-333-2704 FAX:096-384-7220

E-mail:aohama-i-ks※pref.kumamoto.lg.jp ← Please change ※ to @, before you send an Email.



★How to get the ”Parea”

The Parea is on the 10th floor, the East building of Tsuruya department store.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/h5zNRAzZL9P2

↑↑ Google MAP




【Looking for the participants!!】One day trip to Minamata for international students on Aug.3rd



Dear international students;


This is the excursion in Minamata city and exchange program for international students in Kumamoto.

You can apply via Email or FAX, or contact to the Consortium Kumamoto Office.

For more details, refer to the flyer!!



Participants: International students in Kumamoto

Meet up at 7am to 8 am

Meeting-place: several points in Kumamoto city

   We let you know more details about meeting up after your registration.


Download the Flyer→here